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Internship Program

Washington High School Internship Program

Over twenty years ago a vision to create a community partnership between schools and businesses was developed. The mission statement was designed by the steering committee of teachers and business leaders as follows: It is the mission of Washington High School and Indiana Partners in education to bring business and
education together to expand the human resources available to prepare students for future post education and or employment. The partnerships have grown community wide for our students and our students continue to gain invaluable experiences.

Washington High School’s Senior Internship program is a semester long program that allows students to explore different career options. The students intern a block of two classes, which provides the student with an opportunity to daily shadow professionals in a potential career or field. The skills and experiences the students gain are beyond what schools can provide in career exploration. Each student is assigned a mentor or mentors for the internship who provide guidance throughout the program.

Each year, twenty-five to thirty of our seniors take part in the internship program. The internships available are endless. Our students intern at medical & veterinary clinics, pharmacies, auto repair shops, radio stations, daycare facilities, banking & other financing facilities, police departments, ministry, Crane Naval Base and that
is just a few examples available to our students. Our students gain friendships with their mentors, summer jobs, references, and some even future employers. The students build a portfolio including internship brag sheets, PowerPoint presentations, applications, resumes, scholarships, and hours of community service served.

This program has been very successful for many years because of our caring community, the flexibility of our
school, and the dedication of our students to explore their future career options.


Susie Hawthorne

Susie Hawthorne