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Hatchets at Work

Hatchets at Work provides students with the opportunity to engage in real world projects in front of an authentic audience within the business world. Whether students are designing a multimedia campaign or building high quality products, our Hatchets at Work will deliver.

Christmas Light Show

The Christmas Light Show is a school wide project involving students from several different classes. Computer Science classes coded the light show to music, which will be aired on channel 90.7. The Christmas music was performed and recorded by our Choir and Band students. The Industrial
Technology classes created the framework to hold the lights.

The lights will be installed by the City of Washington, and the project is sponsored by Walmart, A& R, and Springs Valley Bank & Trust.

Christmas Light Show 2021

Leading the Way in Computer Science Education

Scientists and engineers from the Trusted Microelectronics Division at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane visited Washington High School on April 12-16, 2021 to guide the Project Lead the Way Computer Science classes in authentic projects customized for students. This is the culmination of a year-long collaboration with Washington HS Computer Science teacher Matt Riney to help his students learn technical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills and explore STEM career opportunities. 


Workplace Simulation Project

studnets and adult around table working


WHS Partners with Daviess Community Hospital, Direct Employers Institute and P-16 Research and Collaboration with Indiana University for Workplace Simulation Project

The Workplace Simulation Project included approximately 40 students from two high school classes: algebra and Project Lead the Way’s Biomedical Science. In this health-care industry-led project, students will be tasked to learn about infectious disease and create a public health communication plan.

To do this, teams of participating students will brainstorm creative ideas and develop a master plan to communicate with their own community. The kickoff will include a tour of the hospital emphasizing various career opportunities, a panel discussion with hospital staff, a hands-on activity that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration, and an overview of the workplace simulation project.

In this eight-week long project, industry professionals from Daviess Community Hospital will work alongside the Washington High School students and guide them as both mentors and role models. To incorporate 21st century employability skills and to model real-world work environments, students will periodically present their work to an audience of Daviess Community Hospital employees.