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Attendance Office Phone Number: (812) 254-8350 --- Direct Line Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Reasons to call the Attendance Office:

  •  Report an Absence (illness, doctor appointment, dentist/ortho appointment, Court Appearance, Probation Appointment, Immigration Appointment, Funeral, College Visit, Extracurricular Activity, Pre-Arranged Absence)
  •  Student needs to leave the school for an appointment
  •  Family Emergency...If you receive the answering machine, hang up and call the Main Office

When calling in a student, please leave:

  •  Student’s Name, Grade Level, Date & Reason for the Absence, Caller’s Name, Caller’s Phone Number, & Caller’s Relationship to the Student.


  •  MUST be a parent/legal guardian calling in to report the absence.
  • Parent/Legal Guardian MUST call in for the student, even if the student is 18 years old. Without a parent/guardian phone call, absence will be UNEXCUSED.
  • Students will be marked as an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE for the day, until a phone call is made to the Attendance Office by the student’s parent/legal guardian explaining the reason for the absence.
  • Attendance Answering Machine is available 24/7.
  •  Students who contact parents/guardians to be picked-up without going through the office may be marked as UNEXCUSED.


College Visit Absence:

Forms are available in the Attendance Office. Forms need to be filled out by the student/parent/legal guardian for the absence to be considered EXCUSED. College Visit Forms are due 24 hours before the absence. The College Verification Forms are due the following school day with the signature of the College Administrator. This form is also available in the Attendance Office.

Pre-arranged Absence:

Forms are available in the Attendance Office. Forms are to be picked up days in advance of the absence. These forms require the signature of the student, student’s teachers, parent/legal guardian, and Vice Principal. Forms must be turned in days in advance to be reviewed by the Vice Principal. If approved, the absence will then be considered an Excused Absence. Homework will be given to the student by their teacher when providing this form.

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